In collaboration with PS-Theatre Leiden, (NL), game designers FourceLabs (NL) and designsutdio 00:00:01s (NL).

BAK-CHAI (drive to Europides) is a party, performance and real life game in one, performed at the end of Festival Key of Life! BAK-CHAI is a fight with consciousness, a dance of manipulations and a fall in an trance. Game and performance make sore noise becomes quietness: they bring us to a fatal end.

Directory/Concept: Pepijn Smit
Directory/Choreografie: Anouke de Groot
Text: Erik Willems
Dramaturgy: Erica Smits
Game: Karel Millenaar (Fourcelabs)
Design: Thorsten Alofs, Jochem Hees, Sebastian Kox (00:00:01s)
Performance: Tijs Huys, Marc Stoffels, Evelyne Verhellen
Lightdesign and technical coordination: José van Beek, Martijn Smolders
Costumes: Roos Smith, Monica Cannella
DJ: Marc de Vreede

Festival Key Of Life, Leidingen, 2010