Collection of Memories


Grenz-Echo 24 november 2010

Finally in Europe and around!

There are memories and memorabilia or ‘Errinerungen’ and ‘Erinnerungsstücke’, what one might prefer to forget as quickly as possible, deposit for a while, or would like to exchange for another recollection.

The ‘’company’ Collection of Memories can help YOU with this!
For one day Evelyne Verhellen gives you the opportunity to do so.

For years now she has been on the road with her office full of memories and is always ready to tell you a personal story in confidence…

So bring some objects and memories which you would like to:
1. lose
2. trade
3. deposit for a short or longer period.

People without memories are also welcome of course!

Performance and video: Evelyne Verhellen
Choreografie/regie: Nicole Erbe

Première August 2010

Performance and video: Evelyne Verhellen
Choreografe/Directory and video: Nicole Erbe
Première 28 th of August 2010: Stadtheater Aachen

Tour among others:
Granz-Echo, 24th of November 2010, Aachen
Lange Nacht der Museen, 20th of June 2010, Aachen
Figuma, 20th of june 201, Eupen
20th of April 2013: Lange Nacht der Museen, Stiftung Gerhard-Hauptmann Haus, Düsseldorf