Aachener Zeitung, 5 oktober 2010 Interview WDF - West-Duitse omroep

Performance in co-operation with the German director/choreographer Nicole Erbe and light designer Bernd Weishaupt, which took place in Heilig Geist churche in Aachen (Germany)

We are aiming for a peaceful life and fight against everything that threatens the idea. But once the goal is reached, the peace becomes intolerable….
Pascal: ‘Nothing is more intolerable than being totally at ease. No passion, no job, no distraction, no efforts…’

The performance will be played in several churches. Each one adjusted to that specific location, local history, and values.

‘Performance Nacht in Stadttheater’, Aachen, Germany
Shortcut of FlugLicht (in Variation)

‘Nacht der offenen Kirchen’: in ‘Heilig Geist’, Aachen, Germany)
October 2010 from 7 p.m. till 0 a.m.

Performance: Evelyne Verhellen
Directory/Choreography: Nicole Erbe (D)
Lightdesign: Bernd Weishaupt (D)
Music and Sounds: Christophe De Sloover