Shrunken heads

A play where music and images replaces text

People do want to know their path, (?)
but don’t dare to and/or can not walk it. (?)
Yet ‘forward’ is the only option. (?)
Through the slithering path in the background… (?)

In an abandoned and cold factory are two persons moving compulsive to different sounds. Bounderies (created by water curtains) are all around where they can not or will not go through.
Even the audience is locked inside the virtual bounderies of the water curtains.
This goes on until the compulsive behaviour gets unbearable and the own free will takes over.

Performance: Evelyne Verhellen and Conny Schneider
Live music: Christophe De Sloover
Design: Esther van de Pas
Location: Het Landbouwbelang:, Maastricht (NL)
Première: April 2008