Tête perdu

De Morgen, 19 juli 2007

Performance on location in the subterranean corridors of the Belfort during the ‘Gentse Feesten’ in Ghent. In co-operation with the international streettheatre festival, MiramirO.

A city guide takes you on a tour to an apparently unimportant historical site in Ghent. This is where Modie lives an she has an extraordinary view on the outside world. Maybe you better forget everything you ever heard or learned upon entering this place.
Or does the light shine at the end of the tunnel? Here! Take this chair, come with us and sit tight. A place in the city you have never been before. I will tell you the historical background. Even a nice anecdote if you wish. On the right you see a building from the 14th century. At that time the purpose was…. that you forgot this… that you got carried away…

Concept and Performance: Annelies Van Hullebusch and Evelyne Verhellen
End-directory: Saartje Hendricks
Location: subterranean corridors of the Belfort in Ghent.