©Yuri van der Hoeven

Starting point for this performance is the experience of Leo Van Cleynenbreugel, when he saw a boy jumping in front of a train before his very own eyes...
For this performance we focused on the moment after the jump already started and before the feed leave the ground.
Between these moments there is a ‘point of no return’. The timeless character of such a moment and the ‘loop’ a traumatic experience creates in the psyche, became very important guide lines in the creating proces of this performance. There’s no beginning and no end.

From and with: Ilan Daneels, Evelyne Verhellen, Leo Van Cleynenbreugel
Masterproof Drama: Leo Van Cleynenbreugel
Mentor: Benjamin Vandewalle and Frederik Le Roy
Many thanx to: Bauke Lievens, Leo Verlinden, Fabrice Delecluse, KASK and many others

Pictures: ©Yuri van der Hoeven