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FLORA und ihre Bilder


A dance theatre performance by Cie. GangWERK (CH) and Fanerose (B) in co-production with the Theater am Gleis in Winterthur.

The performance is inspired by the Villa Flora Museum in Winterthur (close to Zurich), a house where the Hahnloser family lived for generations alongside collected artworks by masters such as Bonnard, Van Gogh and Vallotton.

In April the performance will be presented in the Villa Flora Museum itself.

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  ©Chris Reist

From and with: Sandra Cvetkovic (D), Anne Daubersmidt (CH), Evelyne Verhellen
Director: Evelyne Verhellen
Video Artist: Tabea Rothfuchs (CH
Creative Programming: David Fortmann (CH)
Idee / Productie: Anne Dauberschmidt


    Bertold-Suhner-Stiftung            Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung