Fanerose was founded in 2008 as a creative home for EVELYNE VERHELLEN (director/performer) and CHRISTOPHE DE SLOOVER (composer/musician). Fanerose provided the space they needed to make their own creations. Christophe is now going his own musical way.

With Fanerose Evelyne created individual projects, worked as a freelancer or collaborated with artists from various disciplines: choreographers, musicians, actors and visual artists. Her work is located in theatre, installations, performances and site specific work.

Evelyne Verhellen

Evelyne Verhellen is director and performer. Since 2008 she worked out own creations, going from installations, to monologues, to more physical and theatrical performances.

She studied at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and finished her Master in Drama at the School of Arts / KASK Ghent.

Later on she attented a Master-After-Master training as Teacher in Drama at School of Arts / KASK Ghent.

She often worked as a (freelance) actor and/or director in a collective formation, mainly in the Netherlands (PS-Theater Leiden Club Guy & Roni Groningen), Germany (choreographer Nicole Erbe) and Switzerland (cie. Gangwerk, Theater am Gleis Winterthur). She was acting in different short movies (Katherin Lock & Tim Brotherton) and gained some experience in the social-artistic sector (Victoria Deluxe, Ghent).

Recently Evelyne is working more often as a director. She works together with artists from various disciplines. In an important part of the rehearsal process, she works as a 'coach'. Together they develop a concept, create own material and work as a collective to come to a choreography, text, image, music, videomaterial etc.

Evelyne regularly works 'on locations'. This means: creating a performance for a specific location, but also going on tour with one existing performance and transforming this performance 'towards' a location. Looking at the specific architecture, atmosphere, history etc. of the building / street / site, the performance is rebuild: scenes get exchanged with new material, texts are rewritten, music is performed in a different way, new images emerge etc... The location keeps its idiosyncrasy. It's the performance who is being adapts to the location.

Next to her work as actor and director, she is a teacher to professionals, youngsters, in the social-artistic sector, on demand, in group or individual. She functions for example as a coach in your preperation for a professional education, in the development of an own artistic idea, the building up of self-confidence, as supporter of a director...