Evelyne Verhellen

Evelyne Verhellen is a director and performer. She studied at the Maastricht Theater Academy and will finish her Master in Drama at the School of Arts / KASK Ghent next year.

Even after many years of experience in theatre, Evelyne keeps developing her specific style – and at the same time, hopes never to find it. This searching and exploring has led to an impressive repertoire of highly dynamic creations.

Each project starts with the focus on the essence of an action or anecdote, without fixing a topic. Still, every time a topic presents itself: the social commitment, how people cope with each other, what effect a surrounding or a dictated life involves. how people literally and figuratively force themselves into new shapes when they are not able to conform to dictated standards.

More recently she has started to combine her earlier work - involving installations and performances on locations - with the regular theatre space. Which makes her once more developing… her own specific style.