With the performance/installation maybe_TOMORROW Fanerose tries to find a way to register elusive/impalpable moments. Or in other words: a moment passing by unnoticed. The moment before personality regains consciousness.
Sometimes you are daydreaming and not realising the moment in time.
Who had not been staring at an object without awareness, totally locked in his mind, without really 'seeing' what is being looked at. Maybe due to an idiosyncratic fact being told, like the death of a loved one for instance.
For a brief moment you find yourself captivated in another reality. The experience of space and time has changed. Senses become disoriented. You focus on details without seeing the whole.
What you see are small shifts of reality.

Performance & softwareprograming Evelyne Verhellen / Music, Sound and Video Christophe De Sloover /
Installation Etienne Van Berlo


february-march 2009, Gallery Zebrastraat, Ghent

Thanks to City of Ghent, Departement Oost-Vlaanderen

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